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Meditation for a Friday Afternoon

From the 1940 Anglican Hymnal, "Sing Praise to God Who Spoke Through Men":

For Socrates who phrase by phrase

Talked men to truth unshrinking,

And left for Plato’s mighty grace

To mold our ways of thinking.

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So, give me the rest. I'm intrigued. If the rest is good, I might have my students sing it. No, I'm not kidding.

Do you know: "Oh say, what is truth,'tis the fairest gem that the riches of worlds can produce / and priceless the value of truth will be when the proud monarch's costliest diadem is counted but dross and refuse."

I can't find the rest of it. I've misplaced my 1940 Hymnal. I had this one stanza written down in some old notes. I'll keep looking. It doesn't turn up on Google, which surprised me. I thought everything was on Google now.

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