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Fred Thompson, Ashbrook Dinner, Cigars, the CIA, and Shakespeare

These matters are connected. Follow the dots. I started reading Losing Mum and Pup: A Memoir by son Christopher Buckley this weekend. As I suspected, it is a good. WFB was a thoughtful and interesting guy, spent a year (we think no more!) in the CIA, wrote great spy-books, and all the other things he is responsible for y’all already know. (The NYT Magazine runs an extract from the book, by the way.)

Fred Thompson is our Annual Dinner Speaker this Friday, speaking on how the first 100 days have gone (although we have almost 600 folks coming, tickets are still available, buy one or two, for the Ashbrook Scholars’ sake). This should be fun, he is a smart fellow and amusing, speaks with a nice lilt and drawl, and was on the cover of the May issue of Cigar Aficionado); also, Thompson said yesterday that President Barack Obama is revealing his "naivete, ineptitude and arrogance" as he deals with matters of national security. And he also said that the "dogs of war have been loosed" over left-wing attempts to single out Bush-era officials for prosecution relating to the treatment of detainees.

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Cheech and Chong are (arguably) smart and amusing, speak with an accent that could also be called a "lilt" and are on the cover of the latest "High Times". Maybe next year? That would surely be a surprise show; I'd bet you'd sell all of your tickets.

If the "dogs of war have been loosed" should we expect tough guys like Thompson to attempt some waterboarding on the "leftists" in Congress?

Thanks for the Newsmax link, too. A one-stop opportunity to sign up for weekly e-mails from Ann Coulter, stock up on wrinkle cream, and find the latest tips to lower my choleterol!

Buckley's NY Times Sunday Magazine piece gives a better impression than the newspaper's reporting on the book, which focuses on the tensions between son and mum and pup.

Nice post, Craig. We always enjoy it too when the "serious" republican daddies thump their chests and bring out their Churchillian toughness game. The daily adventures of the "manly" never fail to entertain.

Frederic of Hollywood is always a laugh. I wonder if he will admit that Obama has 'kept us safe' these first 100 days?

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