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Churchill and the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy

Good timing on this essay by Justin Lyons: "Winston Churchill’s Constitutionalism: A Critique of Socialism in America."
A very good read on a core element--and not often discussed--of Winston’s political thinking (and what that has to do with American constitutionalism). Worth a Romeo Y Julieta, and, as Winston might say, if you have two to choose from, pick the strongest and longest. Of course also have a whiskey and soda with the smoke, for it is a "good drink to draw a sword on."   

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Dr. Schramm--I plan on following your advice to the letter this evening on my patio.

The essay reads like ... well, like a product of the Heritage Foundation. Caveat Emptor.

Good, ren, thanks for the recommendation. Now, I'm definitely going to read it.

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