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How to Get Raped by an Ideology

Andy McCarthy points to a story of a left-wing journalist who went to conduct sympathetic interviews with some Taliban thugs who had just killed 10 French troops in Afghanistan, was (predictably) raped for 6 days, and now is blaming the Dutch and Belgian governments for the incident because they refused to pay the $2 million dollar ransom. After all, those Taliban dudes may have raped her . . . but they did it with respect. I guess this is the left-wing’s answer to "blaming the victim."

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(predictably) raped

From the original article: "Abduction and kidnapping of Dutch and Belgian journalists is very rare. It has only happened once before, in the 1980s, when a Dutch journalist was kept hostage for a while in Lebanon."

Not really sure how "predictable" her rape might have been. I generally agree with this post, though: this journalist's ideology has definitely seemed to trump the reality of her situation. Not to mention that I think you would be hard-pressed to find a Women's Studies professor who didn't view rape itself as a very real form of terrorism . . .

What a sad story. The tragedy of the Left is that they completely misunderstand human nature. Usually it's others who pay the price (millions of ordinary Russians and Asians, for example); in this poor reporter's case, it was her.

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