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Who Lincoln Was, according to Sean Wilentz

I haven’t seen the paper version of the July 15th issue of The New Republic but Sean Wilentz’s review essay (of four books) on Lincoln must take up the whole issue (it’s 32 pages as printed version!). I can’t possibly read this tome until later this week, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. There might be some soul of goodness in it, we’ll see.

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I was thinking about getting Burlingame; now I'm thinking rather not, especially considering the price tag. (Though I am somewhat of a Jungian myself, and consider Lincoln to have been of introverted feeling type.)

Among biographies, I have Donald's, White's, and Sandburg's (one volume).

Among others, I have the two-volume Library of America's Speeches and Writings, and Recollected Words. Also, Holzer's Dear Mr. President.

Any recommendations for any other acquisitions? (I'm not really interested in any of the other works reviewed by Wilentz.)

There is almost too much on Lincoln (I read he was the third most written figure after Jesus and Shakespeare). Apart from Lincoln himself these are some that I've read. Jaffa's two volumes "Crisis of the House Divided" and "New Birth of Liberty." Lord Charnwood's "Lincoln" biography. Neely's "Fate of Liberty" and "Last Best Hope," Anastaplo, "Lincoln: A Constitutional Biography," Guelzo's, "Lincoln: Redeemer President," Deutsch and Fornieri, ed., "Lincoln's American Dream," Wills' "Lincoln at Gettysburg," McPherson's, "Lincoln and the Second American Revolution," Boritt's, "Lincoln and the Economics of the American Dream," Peterson's, "Lincoln in American Memory," Williams', "Judging Lincoln," and Miller's "Lincoln's Virtues" and "President Lincoln."

I'm not a great admirer of Wilentz. His book "Chants Democratic" is an interesting read, but I think he doesn't fully understand the founders' thought.

Oh, I also have the Kunhardts' Lincoln: An Illustrated Biography that was published IIRC as a companion to a TV broadcast. Has anybody found a DVD of that TV broadcast? I haven't been able to do so.

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