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Obama's Hold Music

Would you believe that the music played as 1,000 Rabbis waited to hear the President on the phone was "Deutschland Uber Alles"?
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If it were Wagner, I would think it deliberate....

Wagner would be fitting for Carter: Kill the Wabbit!

There is no shot that's too cheap, is there? Your budget must be absolutely zero.

From the article you linked to:

"(The music was chosen by the company carrying the conference call, not the White House or the RAC.)"

Scanlon: Some things are just ironic and weird; the conspiratorial forces of evil aren't always maligning the earth with their cheap shots. Only a half-wit would take this as something 'political.'

Owl - The title of the blog post was "Obama's hold music."

Everyone knows Arabs hate Jews. That includes secret Arabs like HUSSEIN Obama.

To be fair, the tune is from a Haydn string quartet, which was later adopted as the German national anthem. Later, the Nazis changed the words.

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