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Well . . . you knew this was coming

. . . or, at least, you should have known.  I'm assuming that the tape was meant strictly for heterosexual purposes . . .
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She's all set to be a conservative Christian crusader for traditional family values.

and this bit, from the article:

"She tells NBC that she has suffered "a campaign against me to try to silence me." "

tells me that she is probably eyeing the possibility of right-wing punditry. She's already working on her victimhood schtick!

NBC: "so tell us about this campaign to try to silence you. "

Carrie Prejean: "Well I was visited by Bill Clinton,"

NBC: What?

Carrie Prejean: "and you know he pulled down his pants and..."

NBC: What????

Carrie Prejean: "He said Hillary wouldn't mind, because keeping it my mouth was the best way to silence the vast right wing conspiracy."

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