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Michael Lewis' essay-review of Louis Menand's Marketplace of Ideas in the February, 2010 Commentary (not available online) points to a 2007 survey of the political opinions of America's university professors:

The percentage of social-science faculty members at elite colleges and universities who voted for George Bush in 2004 was--statistically speaking--zero percent. Likewise among their colleagues in the humanities: zero percent.

Lewis comments: "This is the sort of results that usually sends worried statisticians scurrying back to their data  to see what went wrong." The proble, I fear, ain't the quality of the survey.

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It's not that social scientists are stupid people. It's been my experience that they are generally intelligent. The problem is that they have turned left-liberalism into a religion of sorts. Generally having no god to rely on, they have turned belief in "progress" (state-directed, no less) into a faith. Unfortunately, this means that you can't trust much of their "research." Too bad.

What's become of Knippenberg, Lawler, Mack, and Morel?

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