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I have been amused for a long while now about the self-conscious image of Obama as the second coming of FDR, and I think I'm starting to come around.  He can be seen as the second coming of FDR--but Obama decided to skip straight to FDR's disastrous second term, with his health care debacle looking like the rough analogue to FDR's ill-conceived court packing plan.
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What I find interesting is that liberals I know maintain steadfast allegiance to him and his policies. It's as if they can't -- or won't -- admit they made a mistake with this guy.

The morning news:" AP IMPACT: Road projects don't help unemployment", ( )

Let's see if this data analysis by AP slows the Jobs for Main Street Act, before we spend an additional $75 billion on a second stimulus. Although why, at this point, we even call it a second stimulus is a serious question.

Maybe the point about Obama & FDR is that with the right policies you can help some individuals who are in distress, despite hobbling the economy as a whole for some time, spreading the misery in a more equitable fashion.

Wasn't FDR's attempt to cartel-ize the American economy during his first term (i.e., the NRA) worse than anything he did (economically, at least) during his second term?

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