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Socialism and the Vital Center

Quote of the day, from Schlesinger's Vital Center

There is no sign in either nation that the capitalists are putting up a really determined fight against those who would use the state to restrict their profits and reduce their power--even perhaps to take their property away from them. . . .

Britain has already submitted itself to social democracy; the United States will very likely advance in that direction through a series of New Deals. . . .

The failure of nerve is over.  The new radicalism need not invoke Marx at every turn in the road, or points its prayer-rug every morning to Moscow.  It has new confidence in its own insights and its own values.

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I haven't read this famous book--by Vital Center did he mean to kill it off, to be replaced by the left, or that the Vital Center was really the Vital Left, yearning to be free?

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