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The Portrait of Charlie the Gray

The Florida Republican Party has placed a portrait of Charlie Crist painted in oil and originally commissioned by the FL GOP on eBay.  The accompanying text about a politician who would sell his soul--to say nothing of the fortunes of Florida Republicans--for personal power and glory is . . . priceless. 

Unlike the picture of Dorian Gray, I hope this picture never ages.  The RNC should purchase it and put it in a place of national prominence in order to remind itself and its constituent members of what can happen when Republicans make the mistake of elevating men of low-minded ambition and insufficient self-reflection.  It is one thing to throw caution to the wind and pursue your ill-conceived self-interest to the point of personal self-destruction . . . but to do it upon the backs, the donations and political fortunes of your fellow citizens and former supporters is beyond the ordinary sort of Faustian bargain.
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