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Sen. Webb on race matters

Virginia Sen. James Webb (D) writes this op-ed on race, or maybe better put, class.  It is an odd article, not perfectly clear, I think.  I wouldn't mind seeing him in one of those light-headed CNN interviews with Anderson Cooper.  Reactions to it would amuse me. Perhaps the chairman of the DNC should be asked to opine on it, never mind the White House.

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Probably the best writer in the Senate, or on the Hill, and a paleocon/Confederate, except when it comes to most votes.

This is a cleaver strategy put forward by Webb.

The Democratic Party pushed this group, poor Whites, into the hands of Richard Nixon's "Southern Strategy" and Webb is saying, more rightly than wrong, that it wouldn't take much for Democrats to win back a chunk of them.

Extending "Black/minority" benefits to "poor whites" costs them virtually nothing politically within their base, but it means admitting that conservatives, who have called for a sunset of Affirmative Action for a couple of decades, were right. Apparently, that is a cost is too high to accept.

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