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GOP's Economic Reset

From The New York Times:

House Republicans will seek to reset the economic-policy debate Thursday, offering a broad plan to boost jobs and growth by easing tax and regulatory burdens.

The plan includes a 25% top tax rate on corporations and individuals, compared with the current 35%, as well as higher domestic-energy production, new curbs on government regulations and overhauls of U.S. patent and visa systems to help entrepreneurs and high-tech firms.

Reflecting the GOP consensus that tax increases won't be a part of any eventual budget deal this year, the plan calls for "significant spending cuts" to rein in government deficits.

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All good, straightforward policies, but they should include immigration reform. Given that we can't employ the people we've already got, it's stupid to keep importing working-age people into the country. And illegals should never be tolerated, even when the economy is good.

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