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The Huggable and Lovable Gov. Christie

In case you ever wonder why Gov. Christie has a bit of a following, see this short report regarding his response about what school his kids attend.  He just doesn't sound like a politician (as that is now understood).
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He had the very same reaction when asked if he believes in evolution.....

C'mon Peter, admit it--you just like large guys.

Huggable, lovable and he'll cut you off at the knees.

The same question could be asked of our president and just about any other politician in America. The response is really the same, although not usually so bluntly put. However, if a politician did send his child to public school and diverted funding to those schools, couldn't he be accused of a conflict of interest?

"In case you ever wonder why Gov. Christie has a bit of a following..."

With an increasing emphasis on "a bit":

But the liberal media is trying to help (not sure why):

No, he doesn't necessarily act like a politician, but there are other sub-species of a-hole besides the politician.

Yes, Craig, we know.

He does have a following outside of his state: me for instance. Even inside his state, apparently, according to your evidence. He is tackling a job that is not likely to increase his popularity, but looking at the chart offered his approval is not falling off a cliff. Despite doing politically unpopular things and not speaking in the oily way a pol. is supposed to, he is still very electable in the state. Maybe honesty is the best policy. Quick, someone tell the president.

This sums it up:

Oh! I'll tell all my Tea Party friends. You are quite right, they don't have clue about that.

What has that got to do with Governor Christie? Perhaps the puppet figure is interchangeable? It does look like one of those one-size-fits-all cartoons of the Left that has been recycled for the last fifty years. Did I see this in 1968 and the puppet was labeled "Silent Majority" back then?

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