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New Year's Resolutions, Lawyer's Edition

Law jokes may be a bit funnier to me than to most, but WSJ's Law Blog posted a few resolutions which I thought worthy of sharing.

BigLaw Partner: Spend more time with the family. This year I mean it.

BigLaw Associate: Save more. Bill more.

The SEC: Stop bringing cases in the Southern District.

Justice Department: Get the bankers before the statute of limitations runs out.

Supreme Court: Keep cameras out of the court, knock out a few opinions by July.

Plaintiffs Lawyer: Stop settling so often.

ABA: Spend more time with law schools.

In-house counsel: Avoid the word "billable."

President Obama: Remember to get Justice Kennedy a present.

My own new year's resolutions pertain to spiritual exercises a la St. Ignatius and finding the perfect kim chi. If anyone can suggest superior goals, I'm all ears. 

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Might be nice to see the allegedly freedom-loving bloggers of NLT post something about NDAA. It would at least provide a (completely valid) opportunity to rail against Obama; I know how much the right loathes him (even if for mostly b.s. reasons - like he's a Muslim socialist fascist and suchlike). NDAA seems extremely blog-worthy.

Instead, though, we get stuff like this... "joke."

I suppose a beauty pageant link will be next. The Founding Fathers would be so proud.

Craig, I think you should revolt against whoever it is that forces you to read this blog and make your comments.

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