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Reviewing the SOTU

I can't bear to reread it right now, so I'll let Wheat&Weeds whack it. Buffett's secretary? Caligula's horse.

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On that comment, then, it is interesting to note that yesterday was also the anniversary of Caligula's death.

Obama reminds us via his SOTUA that Liberalism/Progressivism is a mental illness.

If a major pharmaceutical company invented a pill for it, and those recognized as suffering from the illness could get special treatment which would allow them to function at a higher level...

All of a sudden Conservatives(most of whom need prozac) would be argueing that progressivism has always existed under a different name, and that recognition of the mental illness is just a ruse to develop a new "class". In other words, inconsistencies in the cross-national prevalence of progressivism(California, Illinois, New York), is important because such inconsistencies fuel assertions that progressivism is a fraud propagated by the “profit-dependent pharmaceutical industry and a high-status profession [political science proffesors/pundits] looking for new roles.

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