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Congress Passes War Resolution

Here is the Washington Post story on Friday. Note that all the Democratic presidential hopefuls voted in favor, and the only Democrat Senator in a tough race this fall to vote against is Minnesota’s Paul Wellstone. This is the text of the resolution.

The short of it is that Bush has shaped the international debate in exactly the way he has wanted. He will now get a very strong U.N. resolution that will mean that he will also have a coalition. And, most important, we might get our way without crying havoc and let slip the dogs of war. This is impressive, even if some of his opponents think (still!) that it has been haphazardly done. In other words some think all this is an accident. This is no accident. This is the kind of design that both Aristotle and Machiavelli (never mind Sun Tzu) would agree is prudent. Besides, it is not true that virtue has no friends. This news story makes clear that this resolution is much better and stronger than the one his father got twelve years ago. The story in USA Today makes clear, in short form, how the White House did this.

Giuliani for Senate

Robert Alt makes a modest proposal, not lacking in wit, on why Giuliani should run for the Senate in New Jersey, and do it now, not in six years. It’s perfectly OK since Forrester is behind in the polls! Must read.


It looks more and more as if the French tanker off the coast of Yemen was hit by terrorists. Mark Steyn asks Europeans to spend more on the military. He is not an optimist. Paul Marshall reflects on our new (and better) relationship with some West African countries, and hopes that Nigeria doesn’t become the next hotbed in Islamic radicalism. And this interview with Jeffrey Goldberg is interesting. He claims that Hezbollah is more dangerous than al Queda.


Democrats Folding

Mark Steyn on the Demos unraveling. Very funny. And Democratic Senator Zell Miller writes this thoughtful piece showing that the Democratic Party is re-playing the 1970's. How come this guy is still a Democrat? David Broder adds his two cents on the the Democratic Party's malaise and why they are unable to give the public any idea of where they stand on pressing issues of the day and what it has to do with their Vietnam memories. Noemie Emery explains why Bush drives the Democrats crazy.
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Fred Barnes has a quick glance at the competitive Senate races. They're still toss-ups. And here is Stuart Rothenberg's take on some of the open Senate seats. This is Time magazine's contribution to the discussion.
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New York Times Lying

Dick Morris slams The New York Times for the recent push-poll they conducted and why it was slanted.
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Foreign Affairs

Arab Support for War

This is a clear article from Arab News explaining the support we are getting from Arab countries, some of it public, some private, most of it duplicitous, all of it useful, and hardly reported in our press.
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Foreign Affairs

Father of Suicide Bomber

This is an article about a letter that a father of a suicide bomber sent to the London-based Arabic language daily Al-Hayat. Note the courage of the last paragraph, especially.
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Foreign Affairs

Bush in Cincinnati

The President gave a fine speech in Cincinnati on Monday night. He is doing the right thing and, as far as I can tell, the right way. It is important that he continue to act like a cowboy: his threat of invasion has to be taken seriously by the bad guys. If it is taken seriously, there is a chance that there will be no war because Iraq will disarm. The Congress will vote this week and I predict that about seventy percent (at a minimum) of the Senators and Congressmen will approve the resolution. Then things will break wide open at the U.N. Here is Bush's speech. John Podhoretz reflects on the President's excellent speech in Cincinnati, and why the major networks didn't cover it.
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Foreign Affairs

Babbling Daschle

Here is Tim Russert's conversation with Daschle last Sunday. Russert pressed him on the differences between the 1998 resolution (which Daschle supported) and the current one and found the Senator to be babbling. Well done, Russert!
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If you want a perfectly clear (and shocking) explanation and interpretation of the New Jersey Supreme Court ruling on the Torricelli case, see this great Robert Alt piece. And George Will argues persuasively that the Democratic Party should be punished nationally for this travesty.
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