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I wrote a short analysis for the Pacific Research Institute of how the environmental vote seemed to have gone AWOL in the recent election (it is only 550 words, and you can read it here .) In short, I argue that the environmental vote is a paper tiger, and conclude that Republicans have little to fear from it so long as they have a sensible environmental policy. I will have a longer piece on this coming out shortly from AEI.

I am getting deluged with vituperous e-mails from people who seem to misread the piece as saying Republicans should endorse the environmental agenda. I am not sure I am being understood here; perhaps other bloggers can weigh on on this. A "sensible" environmental policy means the kind of thing the Bush administration has just done--changing rigid Clean Air Act regulations that actually keep the air dirtier than it needs to be. The media is mis-reporting this, of course.

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