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Dems as Wile E. Coyote

This is Mark Steyn’s contribution to the debate on why the Dems lost so big on Tuesday. It is, of course, well written and funny. I can’t resist citing one paragraph:

Whether the Democrats understand any of this is difficult to know: To
their cheerleaders in the press, Bush is still too dumb to be President:
He’s "Shrub," the idiot Dauphin, the pampered frat-boy. Even I
underestimated the guy: In this column on Monday, I figured he’d blown
it. As usual, I was wrong! And I couldn’t be happier! The Dems are
beginning to look like the cunning predator in a Looney Tunes campaign,
standing there charred and bewildered having mistaken their tail for the
dynamite fuse. If Bush is too dumb to be President, how dumb do you
have to be to be consistently outwitted by him?

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