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I resisted making comments on a subject that would get a fatwa issued against NLT, but recent comments about Muhammed’s wives, if not the references to the spicy sausage filled turducken, have probably sealed that fate, so I feel free to muse. The multiculturalist types who would have a hard time explaining away the fatwa against the journalist are likely the same folks who seek mandatory public funding for works of art like "Piss Christ," the infamous exhibit featuring a cross floating in a jar of urine. You see, the artist simply has a different perspective from the hegemonic and oppressive WASP culture which defines bourgeous American existence. For these souls, America is an oppressive regime because there are those who believe that public funds should not be expended for this sort of alleged art. Far better the regimes of, say, Nigeria. Imagine, if you will, if someone would offer "Piss Muhammed" in one of these countries. I will go out on a limb and say that public funding would not be the question of the day upon such an offering. Indeed, the immolation and fatwas would make what we’ve seen in recent days look like a beauty pageant by comparison.

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