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American Imperialism?

This is a thoughtful and well-written essay (rather long, no doubt could have used some editing) by a blogger I know nothing about, a guy named William Whittle. It is on the American character, on empire, on hegemony, on the world’s cognative dissonance regarding America and her people. Here are a few paragraphs to whet your appetite:

"They went home is what they did. They did pause for a few years to rebuild the nations sworn to their destruction and the
murder of their people. They carbon-copied their own system of government and enforced it on their most bitterly hated
enemy, a people who have since given so much back to the world as a result of this generosity. They left troops in and
sent huge sums of money to Europe to rebuild what they all knew would eventually become trading partners, but also
determined competitors. Then they sent huge steel blades through their hard-earned fleets of ships and airplanes and
came home to get on with their lives in peace and quiet.

Oh, and some of the islands they had visited had asked to remain under the American flag as territories and
protectorates, free to leave whenever they choose.

We are still too close to our actions in those critical years to fully grasp the meaning of what we did. Distant history will
show it to be the most magnanimous act in human history, a test of national character passed with such glory and
distinction that it baffles and amazes both our friends and enemies to this day."

"In one sense perhaps, we are, in fact, an Empire. We are an empire of the mind, a place whose dreams and ideals have
colonized the world. We are a black hole of desire upon which billions place their unfocused hopes. And yet, to them it
seems as if we turn them away. We dangle freedom and hope and comfort in front of them with a glimpse into our
everyday lives though television and movies. They want what we have, desperately. And they hate us for not giving it to

Well, sooner or later they are going to have to grow up a little and face some unpleasant truths. These people want the
fruits of our success; they want our freedoms and our wealth and our confidence. But they are not willing to do the work.
They are not willing to pay for it."

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