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Breeding with Neanderthals?

This is a BBC report on a recent discovery stemming from the Human Genome Project. And, if I read it right, it’s only good news for some future Nazi-types. Instead of us having the same origins, some humans may have interbred with "archaic hominids." Note these two paragraphs:

"Some replacement models, and some genetic
data, suggest no interbreeding at all with
archaic peoples outside of Africa, while other
replacement models allow limited interbreeding
with the locals over the short time scale in
which they overlapped.

"This new research suggests there could have
been some interbreeding, but as the authors
recognise, it could have been limited, and
whether it happened at all is still an open

You can go to directly to the Proceedings of the National Aacademy of Sciences to get the summary, and you can download the whole thing in PDF.

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