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From Turkey to Tucker

Moving on from turducken to Tucker: David makes a compelling argument against war on Iraq at this time. I am part way to being persuaded. Two interrogatories: At what point or under what conditions would David say that war on Iraq should be conducted? (Liberal smush-heads also say they are against war on Iraq at this time, but for them it is clearly a dodge, which I know would not be the case with David.)

Second: why is it not possible to carry on a war against Iraq and the war on terrorism at the same time? Is it because our capabilities are limited, or that it will make it difficult to work with other countries in the region, or because it will scatter AQ and other terrorists, or some combination of all these factors?

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Perhaps I’m missing something in this whole exchange, but why should Iraq and Al Qeada be treated as two separate things, the war on terror and the war against Saddam? We Joe Six Packs consider them one in the same. Afghanistan was phase one, rooting out terrorist infrastructure is phase two (ongoing), Iraq is phase three, and so on.

All of you may be overanalyzing here too. Why not go in at this time and remove the threat once and for all? If the world hates us more because we did the right thing - taking out Saddam - does that make what we do any less right? And how much more can the Arab Muslim wackos hate us? There’s only one thing those nutjobs understand, and that’s being at the business end of the U.S. military. I for one believe we have the capability of handling Iraq and Al Qeada at the same time, because fighting terrorists lurking in shadows requires other shadow lurkers. Iraq requires mainforce attention. We can do both.

If you think about it, we used to boast a requirement that our military forces be able to handle TWO simultaneous conflicts, each the size of the Gulf War, at least.

Now, in 2002, we are told we cannot even simultaneously handle a bush-level skirmish against a weakened Iraq and a shadow-war against insurgents and terrorists.

Whatever in the world does the word hyperpower mean -- "weak sister?"

Dafydd ab Hugh

Of course, since nobody on this blog responds to -- or indeed, even appears to have read -- these comments, one wonders what is the point?

Dafydd ab Hugh


The war on Iraq, it’s a load of bollocks.

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