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Hooters of America (the restaurant chain) has announced that it has bought a small commuter airline called Pace Air, based in North Carolina. Pace air has specialized in corporate shuttles, catering to VIP business travellers and sports teams. I have no comment, except to say that I think this is a great country, a great big country. The CEO of Hooters says that he will "provide leisure travel service for the golf industry." Now, last word, without too many particulars: Will federal guidelines affect the quality of the service this company is renowned for? Will the flight attendants be hired just for their virtue(s) or will peripheral and non-consequential qualifications be pressed on them? These are pressing political questions asked by those who are about to take up the noble game of golf.

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First of all: God Bless America. As for hiring issues, there is an exception in labor law for hiring practices that might otherwise be unlawful, but which are permissible because of what are called "bona fide occupational qualifications." I think we can all agree that this doctrine was made for Hooters Air.

I predict Hooters Air will suffer the same fate that befell Southwest Airlines. Southwest, you will recall, developed a marketing campaign around the theme of "a little love in the air" (undoubtedly named because its base of operations was Love Field in Dallas). Pushing that theme, and catering to the then-predominantly male business travelling population, its stewardesses (that’s what they were called back then) dressed in hot pants and boots. No way, said the federal court in Texas, finding in 1989 that Southwest violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act in hiring only women. Good thing for Gregory Wilson, who brought the suit, that the Fifth Circuit had not at the time held that the Second Amendment guaranteed a personal right to keep and bear arms!

May we go back to the days and the focus that the Aviation business is in the air, not on the ground. Certain qualifications and training are required for safety and security reasons. Being judged by image...narrows the work force, and perhaps keeps out that focus.

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