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Alex Kuczynski’s marriage was announced today in the pages of the Sunday New York Times. I have provided portions of it before. Who says that Times writers aren’t representative of Americans as a whole?

Alexandra Louise Kuczynski and Charles Porter Stevenson Jr. were married in New York yesterday. David N. Dinkins, the former mayor, officiated at the couple’s apartment.

The bride, 34, who is known professionally as Alex Kuczynski, is a reporter for The New York Times. She graduated from Barnard College.

Her father, Pedro-Pablo Kuczynski of Miami and Lima, Peru, was until July the finance minister of Peru. He is now the president of the Latin American Enterprise Fund, a private investment concern in Miami. . . .

Ms. Kuczynski’s stepfather, Thomas L. Hughes, is emeritus president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. . . .

The bridegroom, 55, is a private investor. He is a trustee of Bard College and of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, . . . His previous marriages ended in divorce.

You can read the entire announcement at, whic is a subscription service, so I haven’t included the link.

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What does this posting mean, actually? Does it mean that this couple are not very Times-ian? Or does it mean that Times writer AREN’T representative of Americans as a whole? And if they are not, who says they should be anyway? Please clarify. Thanks, Curious

Yes I am curious too -- does ther posting mean that this couple are un-American? Privileged? Hispanic? I don’t get it

Alex Kuczynski is the most beautiful woman on the planet as well. She’s definitely the hottest woman I have ever seen in my life and she’s funny, smart, and well-read. That’s defenitely not representative of America as a whole. The news of her wedding just devastated me.

hey people, get a life, the bitch has married for money (remember Anna Nicole Smith?)

It’s easier for a daddy’s girl to marry a rich old guy, that it’s for a young guy to marry a rich old woman. And if the guy is successful he inevitably gets labeled a gigolo or worse; while the little lady instead just gets praise for her maturity and good sense. This seems to be the norm in upper class Latin American societies. But as in so many other ways -- social stratification, class elitism, and marriages for money and not love -- American is becoming more Latin American each day.

Congratulations to Alex. A most beautiful woman. Unfortunately, if past behavior is an indicator of future behavior, this marriage will most likely end in divorce. Hence the statement "his previous mariages (note plural) ended in divorce. Best of luck Alex.

I don’t know Ms Kuczynski but I buy the Thursday Times because that is when her articles appear. Why don’t you people reserve your opinions about her until you read her prose?

She obviously has a broad spectrum of knowledge. She is cultured and very witty.

I am glad to read that she is also beautiful.

After reading about Alex Kuczynski, if she wasn’t well off enough in her life to have to find some rich guy (hence surgardaddy)for happiness, then it is her insecurities and greed that she, and him for now would have to live with (oh the reputation). I doubt she married for money. She comes from success and has her own. Congrats Alex for becoming cosmetically real. Don’t put the pilates away, though. Working out for health is still real, and if it makes you look good, cool. sh

Alex K is the worst sort of woman, coming accross as well meaning when in fact she is a wolf in a sheepskin suit. Poor Charles is in for the snow job of his life. Keep it in your pants Charles or you’ll be saddled with her for the rest of your life after all isn’t 6 enough? Word has it that the step kids can’t stand to be in the same room with her why would her own child be any different?

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