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I agree with Steven--The Two Towers was a very good film. No mushy moral relativism here!

Of course, Peter Jackson could be counted on to make the most of Tolkein’s hostility to modernity. I don’t believe the author ever used the word "industry," but near the beginning of the film the evil wizard Saruman makes it clear that his goal is to bring about a new order of "industry."

I also agree that Gollum stole the show. Did anyone else notice a strange resemblance between Gollum and actor Steve Buscemi?

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John, a friend of mine suggested that Faramir is not tempted to use the ring in the book, and says that the Hobbits were not kidnapped and taken to Gondor. If so, is this not a major plot change? It seems to make him a bit less noble. (Granted, he does the right thing in the end.) If this is right, then perhaps Faramir understood better than his brother that the good of Gondor was subordinate to and dependent on the good of Middle Earth? What do you think? (Perhaps I have the facts wrong.)
T Cook

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