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The Long National Nightmare Is Over

AP reports that senior GOP sources close to Lott confirm that he will step down as Majority Leader, but will remain in the Senate.

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I rather think it’s just begun.

Liberals will now scream that the GOP has a racist in the senate, and that this changes nothing. And they won’t stop until Espy takes his place. reports, "Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., is under fire today for praising terrorist leader Osama bin Laden, leader of the 9/11 attacks that killed thousands of Americans."

I wonder if this lady just saved Lott, and the GOP majority in the U.S. Senate?

Marc Lamb comments:

"I rather think it’s just begun.

"Liberals will now scream that the GOP has a racist in the senate, and that this changes nothing."

I agree. And if we are candid and consistent, we’ll have to admit that they’re right.

Conservatives have been patting themselves on the back for two weeks because they took a stern stand on principle. We need to think about this. What sort of a principle is it that says: "A Senator who endorses the 1948 Thurmond platform cannot be majority leader -- but it’s OK for him to sit in the Senate"?

If -- as Lott’s detractors have insisted -- his Birthday Party Manifesto is properly understood as an endorsement of racial segregation, then he needs to do more than quit the leadership. He needs to quit the Senate. No segregationist can be a fit person to sit in the Senate of the United States.

Failing that, the only moral course for the Senate Republicans is to expel him from the Senate Republican Conference. I do not favor expelling him from the Senate, but the GOP must dissociate itself from this man immediately -- as a matter of principle, which certainly overrides the GOP’s desire to remain in the majority..

We do not "have to admit they are right," Mr. Fox. We have to tell the real story how the modern-day Republican Party came into being!

As I predicted, The New York Times editorializes today, "However, Mr. Lott’s demotion, and the likely election of Bill Frist as majority leader, will not magically erase more than three decades of cynical Republican manipulation of the race issue. Ever since the late 1960’s, when Richard Nixon and his political advisers devised the "Southern strategy" in an effort to head off George Wallace while broadening the party’s reach, the Republicans have talked nobly about civil rights in the North while playing to racial division in the South to lure white voters from the Democratic Party. If Mr. Bush and Mr. Frist are serious about compassionate conservatism, this dual strategy must come to an end."

Folk, this is revisionist history at it’s very worst. And it’s high time the Grand Old Party sets the record straight for folks like Mr. Fox, here.

If the truth be told, it was one of the most conspicuous and colossal failures in the history of U.S. domestic social policy that demarked the modern GOP from old Party of Lincoln. And while Affirmitive Action was a part of this policy, it was the policy of Forced School Busing, a policy initiated by Nixon, that made the "Southern strategy" work.

The busing issue, as David Frum so clearly illustrates in "How We Got Here," that ripped at the the social fabric of this country back in the seventies. And this is the dirty little secret that the left hides and the right has seemingly forgotten all about. Desegregation via forced busing was one of the worst efforts at social engineering in the post-WWII era. From Massachusetts to my hometown of Columbus, Ohio, the school busing issue caused riots, mayhem, and the one of the greatest population migrations in our history. Forced busing virtually fed the migration to the south, and took of the political power-base along with it.

The socialist left are never going to admit this failure, and will always hide this it by playing the "race card," but the benighted ought to be imformed and reminded that this was the socialist idiocy that brought Reagan to power and defined the modern-day conservativism of the Republican Party. Not because we are "racist," but because we love liberty and freedom, for all.

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