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John and I watched the game, refused interruptions from faithless family members, and delighted in the whole thing. Great game . The natutral order of things has been reestablished. All is well in the world. Optimism and good humor will reign during the whole year. And Al Sharpton has announced that he will run for president because he is the most qualified.

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Mind you, I am no Hurricane fan. I am a Florida Gator fan, therefore cheering a Florida team was a must. Under ordinary circumstances, I wouldn’t cheer either team. But the Fiesta Bowl win was a gift - a late Christmas gift from the officials who, having not called a pass interference, roughing or personal fouls the entire game, threw that little yellow flag on the last play of the overtime when the ball legitimately flew into and over the fingertips of the Ohio State receiver. Then contact was made with the Miami defender. It was a good, clean hit that did not deserve such a call.

I take nothing away from Jim Tressel. He’s a nice guy and a winning coach. He did wonders for a team that had fallen on hard times. Both sides coached a fairly lackluster game - neither team running or throwing well. But it was one of the worst officiated games of the Bowl series - holds, roughing, personal fouls were all missed throughout the entire game.

Buckeye fans won’t admit that the call gave them an extra set of downs and the win - they will insist that good coaching, completed passes, defensive stands all were to figure into the victory. Sure - they are important. We love football in the house. We watch games with teams that don’t interest us just to watch. I’ve seen many bad calls. But this one just takes the cake. Even the announcers said it was a bad call. I just want one Ohio State fan to admit that call gave them new life and a chance to win; that they were given a gift by the officials and I will be content.

OK, be content. I am willing to admit that even I (who only has limited experience in the intricacies of the game) thought that the call was questionable. It was probably a gift. I hope you feel better, now that you were able to pop my optimistic bubble about the natural order of things, and all! By the way, I saw the Browns-Steelers game today and was hugely dissapointed; yet, the Steelers deserved the win.

I watched a taped replay of the OSU/Miami game. Perhaps Jennifer and other Florida fans should watch it, too.

With the Buckeyes leading 17-14, and less than three minutes to play, Craig Krenzel throws a strike to Chris Gamble on a 3rd and seven. Gamble has enough for the first down, which would have set up OSU for at least a field goal, deep in Miami territory. The replay clearly shows the Miami cornerback holding Gamble on the reception, but the refs not only miss that one, but they call Gamble out of bounds, when he is clearly in bounds, as well. Both announcers, Kieth and Dan, agree Gamble was in bounds and was interfered with on the play.

Ohio State is forced to punt. The return nets fifty yards and enables a Miami to tie the score and force the overtime.

Conclusion? These sorts of things have a way of coming out in the wash, huh?

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