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Korea Follies?

Krauthammer hits the Bush Administration hard on its policy (or seeming lack of) toward North Korea. I am not yet willing to go this far because I am willing to A) see the amazing complications of this issue, and B) have enough trust in our guys to give them the benefit of the doubt, for now. But I’m paying attention.

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North Korea sure hurts the legacy of Jimmy Carter... but how many people see it that way? Does it put an end to the brand of politics that created such complications, or will that countinue to yield acclaim (glory?) in the form of Nobel Peace prizes?

What "amazing complications of this issue" ? (North Korea)

A number of thinking Americans are growing ever more uneasy about George W Bush.`The old Western expression "All hat, no cattle" is beginning to take on added meaning when it comes to US foreign policy. (Please don’t tell us about Afghanistan. It was a joke as a "war" and solved absolutely nothing - unless you consider reinstating a discredited monarch as a figure head and the country being run by warlords to be all that much of an improvement over the Taliban. BTW, the opium poppy trade is baack)

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