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Single-Parent Homes Bad for Kids

The Boston Globe summarizes a study published in Lancet (site not available, unknown reason), the medical journal, on the effects that one parent families have on children. Surprise, it’s not good for them. The study is especially significant because it tracked almost a million children for a decade, into their twenties; the largest such study ever done, it comes out of Sweden.

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Speaking of Old/New Europe...If you could say one thing about the Swedes what would you say? According to Paul Krugman the Swedes have the ideal political/economic situation, often times they are admired for the society they put foward. Duccacis(?) I forget the spelling and the man... but I remmember that the press chastised him for reading a tract on Swedish land planning...It just strikes me how many large scale studies come out of Sweden. Not to mention good looking blondes... The Swedes also give out the Nobel prizes and Blix is from Sweden... What does this say in terms of Geo-politics? A well known fact is that Nokia fever hails from Sweden... Sweden is at the forefront in terms of science especially in such fields as particle physics... finding Bosons...and nanotechnology... The way I see it, Sweden is the leader in terms of moderate/prudent? (serious?) scientific socialism.... I understand the Old Europe rhetoric, but do not underestimate the Swedes just yet... I would love to be proved wrong... and realize that I believe socialism will fail a la Hayek, Mises, Rand... I am also aware of serious problems in Sweden... but I tend to overemphasize things in the techonology sphere... If you add this together with a country that controls Nobel Prizes...Security Council reports? and serious large scale studies..... You do the Science... Practically/politically speaking how hard is it to criticize the winner of the Nobel prize? What is holding Arafat in power? What is helping Carter style politics remain popular despite horrible(?) effects?
I demand answers from those who are serious. Conservatives beware Sweden!

Right on Brother Lewis! All those years and dollars fighting the Soviets and it was really Sweden we should have been after. Remember those supposedly Soviet subs prowling Swedish waters? All disinformation, meant to throw us off the track. Now we know. The problem is not single parents but Swedish single parents. We must stop the rot. It’s not too late. One question, however: isn’t Nokia Finnish?

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