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What’s Wrong with the Historical Profession?

From the History News Network, here’s a little puff-piece on last weekend’s March on Washington, comparing it favorably to the peace marches of the 1960s.

Curious as to why there’s no mention whatsoever of the march’s sponsorship by hard-core Stalinists? Check out the byline; the author, Norman Markowitz, "is a member of the editorial board of Political Affairs, the theoretical journal of the CPUSA."

That a high official in the Communist Party can hold an academic post at an institution like Rutgers is disturbing enough; that leading mainstream historians have chosen to give him a soapbox on a forum that has among its goals "to remind us all of the complexity of history" and to uncover "the superficiality of what-happens-today-is-all-that-counts journalism" is outrageous.

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For what it’s worth, New Brunswick is not a branch campus of Rutgers University, it is the main campus.

What is the surpise. The Left dominates academia. This explains who speaks on campus, who doesn’t, the puff courses, grade inflation (remember when you could get a C?), and the student admitance procedure. Actually given the lack of a moral compass in academia I’m surprised Pol Pot isn’t teaching the humanities.

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