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Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday

Today is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. In celebration you ought to re-read one or two of his speeches. The Gettysburg Address will do, as will the Fragment on the Constitution and Union, or the Second Inaugural. I remind you of Charnwood’s statement about the latter: "The Second Inaugural is one of the few speeches by a great man at the crisis of his fate on the sort of occasion which a tragedian telling his story would have devised for him." Needless to say, the speech is not unrelated to the God and politics discussions below.

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In the Gettysburg address Lincoln claimed that his hideous war was fought to ensure government "by the people" -- when he had just DENIED self-givernment to the South. It was a "big lie" that Dr. Goebbels would have been proud of.

Regarding John Ray’s comment on Lincoln/Goebbels: I no longer respond to comments this weird. While Lincoln was just a man and while reasonable people can disagree about his character or policies, I see no reason to get into a conversion with someone whose axiom is so wrong. Nothing we can say to one another would be persuasive; we would learn nothing from one another. It would not be worth my time, or the time of John Ray. Let us each then go and live in our own country.

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