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In a recent essay, Sowell essay, Thomas Sowell skewers diversity as an allegedly necessary tool for our 21st-Century global world:

How do companies in Japan manage to sell everything from cars to cameras, in countries around the world, without having that mystic "diversity"? How does a country with such a racially homogeneous population even manage to educate its young people if "diversity" is such an essential factor in education?

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Diversity for the Japanese means making different VCR’s, TV’s, Cars, or dishwashers to meet the specifications, technically in terms of different currents and legaly to comply with laws governing such things as the length of electrical cords in terms of meters and yards. But there is some worry here... International Business depends upon International law, and diversity simply means giving into these different laws. But, International law brings with it political pressure to undermine US laws, and other questions of hierarchy. Has anyone heard of the NAFTA court?

By having Koreans do all the work Japanese are unwilling to do, of course.

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