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Lawsuits and the American Character

Bruce Fein maintains that "The Founding Fathers would be mortified and ashamed by the latest litigation frolic against McDonald’s.

They brought forth a new nation conceived in self-discipline, heroism, and a conviction that we are masters of our fate, captains of our soul. Scapegoating was alien to their universe. William Wordsworth’s "Happy Warrior" was their North Star. They neither demanded food stamps at Valley Forge, nor sued for overtime or hazardous duty pay for crossing the Delaware during inclement weather to capture Britain’s mercenary Hessians. They believed in free will, and strict legal, moral, and religious accountability for freely made decisions. Indeed, free will is the premise of all law, religion, and morality." There had better be some tort reform or the sands of the American character that have made up our life are numbered. Two non McDonald’s coffees.

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Does Rousseau reflect Calvinist Geneva in attacking free will? Certainly man does not have free will when he is alienated...this is the true justification for the chains in the Social Contract, to bring about free will via education in a social context... Perhaps educated americans will no longer alienate themselves from the source of the beef in a Big Mac, not to mention the hot coffee.

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