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Gertrude Himmelfarb has a good piece celebrating patriotism (via Lincoln’s Lyceum Speech) on Washington’s birthday. Here is her start:

"We once had ’Founding Fathers.’
Today we have the neutered
’Founders.’ We once celebrated
Washington’s and Lincoln’s
birthdays. Today we celebrate the
anonymous ’Presidents’ Day.’ We
have lost a good deal in this
homogenization and dilution of our
language. We have lost not only a
vital part of our history but also a
way of honoring and transmitting that history."

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Of course liberals have pushed great presidents aside and named a generic holiday because Washington & Lincoln are white. Blacks rammed Martin Luther King day down our throat and now each year push one step closer to deification of King. It seems the liberal media have joined in, especially this year, by offering special after special about how great King allegedly was. King was a rogue who didn’t even have the support of his own race in the 60s. Now the liberal media and blacks want to treat him as a god. And now we have Black History month in February. Why do we not have White History month to show balance? Because Blacks and liberals don’t want equality. They want superiority by blacks over whites. Blacks & liberals will not be satisfied until they have whites in "financial slavery." That will be the purpose of reparations when that issue hits the forefront. Lower the standard of living for whites and give another free handout to undeserving blacks.
James A. Carraway, Jr.

I to have wondered why we don’t celebrate the founding father of our Country and also the man that actually brought about the abolishment of slavery, both of whom accomplished far greater things than Martin Luther King. Without either of the aforementioned people , Martin Luther King would not have been possible. If MLK’s birthday needs to be celebrated that’s fine but not at the expense of the founders of our country.
Sincerely, Alise

First of all, the third Monday in February is officially designated "Washington's Birthday". Nixon signed the Executive Order Feb. 11, 1971. Second, there NEVER WAS a federally holiday honoring Lincoln. Get over your selves!

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