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A study claims that Special Forces’ brains work differently than regular regular guys; this explains their toughness or at least why they suffer less from stress.

"Special Forces soldiers have neurological differences that make them more resilient to post-traumatic stress disorder than the average soldier, say researchers....The elite soldiers produced more of a molecule called neuropeptide Y in their blood than regular soldiers. This molecule is generated by the body to help calm the brain in times of extreme stress."

This article from MSNBC explain why the U-2 Spy Planes are better than satellites. The military is ready to deploy something called "Bugsplat." It is a computer program that better predicts potential bomb damage. Among other uses, this
Washington Post article claims that it will help to limit civilian casualties. The military has starting using bandages that have a clotting agent in it; CNN says it stops bleeding in two minutes. And here is the Airborne Lazer (and some details in PDF) aboard a modified 747 that can shoot down rockets, but not yet; we’ve been wporking on it for some years. And it seems to be the case that there is a difference between long and short gamma ray bursts, the most powerful explosions in the universe. I don’t understand what this means but I thought I would bring it to your attention because all the scientists associated with it seem to have Hungarian names. This is an example of why I’ve never understood these people.

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