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Bin Laden Close to Being Captured?

ABC reports that the intellegence guys are claiming that the noose around bin Laden is being tightened, and that they are close to capturing him. While I hope this is true, one can’t help wondering why it is being advertised if it is not yet done. Unless it’s an honest discovery by a very clever reporter (I can’t imagine an unintentional leak at this point, unless it’s from the Pakistanis) it must serve some other purpose by the good guys to put such a possibility out to the public. It is possible, I suppose, that he is already caught.

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Wouldn’t officials have to concerned that an announcement of bin Laden’s death or capture might be a trigger for various sleeper cells? And so, like L. Ron Hubbard, Osama’s death will be covered up, by us, for quite some time.

Speaking of L. Ron Hubbard... What is the social correlation and significance in the fact that many Hollywood stars are seeking meaning in being social/peace activists, and scientologists? Does it strike anyone as odd that this "religion" while small in numbers, is the fastest growing religion in america?

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