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While we wait for the tanks to start rolling, lat us pause one more moment to savor Hans Blix’s absurd remark to MTV (why is that MTV seems to bring out the most ludicrous in public figures, like Clinton’s straddling what kind of underwear he prefers?) that global warming is a greater threat than weapons of mass destruction.

A new study reported in this week in Nature magazine provides strong evidence in support of a major claim of global wamring skeptics: the rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is a lagging indicator of warming, rather than the cause of warming. More detailed analysis of samples from ice cores finds that CO2 levels increased in the past after warming had already taken place.

It is unfortunate that larger events will drown out this news, as it has a previous bombshell a month ago, in which two highly regarded Australian economists blew a big hole in the key assumptions in the UN’s climate predictions. This house of cards may be starting to tumble down.

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Do you have a link to either of these articles? Nothing like a little Al Gore bashing via fisking his pet project while we are awaiting Saddam and his thugs to get their just desserts.

You may be able to find the new study on CO2 from ice cores at The news about the Australian economists was mentioned in The Economist a few weeks ago, but I have lost the link. I will, however, be writing all of this up for the American Enterprise Institute some time in the next few weeks. Watch for my Environmental Policy Outlook at

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