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As we watch the spectacle at the U.N. unfold, let us recall one of Lyndon Johnson’s more aromatic remarks about that august body: "Why the U.N. couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if you printed the instructions on the heel."

Maybe Bush should publicly quote the former Democratic president (from Texas!).

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I thought the quote was "could not pour piss from a boot with a faucet on the back and instructions on the heel." that is the way I have heard it used many times here in Texas ( mainly while in San Antonio for some unknown reason) and usually without attribution to Landslide Lyndon.

I googled that damn quote every which way and still couldn’t get a bead on where it can from, or if LBJ really said it about the UN (it’s quite popular when said about Congressmen).

Might Mr. Haywood, er, Hayward give us a heads up on this here quote? I mean, "Sock it to me, baby!" :)

In all likelihood the quote is "popular" with all sorts of variations. At some point in the telephone game, it becomes worse to give credit than to simply plagerize. It seems reasonable to not quote sources in casual conversation/jokes/ad hominems. This has two effects, 1) people think you are more clever than you really are, 2) you don’t end up attaching to an authoritative source something inconvinient, since this can end up poisoning the well both ways. In the end does it really matter who said it first?

There is an exception to this clause, but it is limited to what Schopenhauer said about Hegel being a blockhead.

good morning this it is a comment for the united nations public, it is for them to make noticed, that the united states stept govermnet, it is been drove by germans power, with the help of the news maker peoples, industry, in many times the world wide public, them have noticed, that the same united states goverment’s people, them want to talk to them own public with the true, but them are unable, by the united states stept militart goverment power, to be quiet and to go on with the germans droves, upon them can to die them relatives or even them self, in many times those true moves, them are not been support by any united states goverment, administrations, but by the very own power from the news industry lien, moved by the germans power, the germans them have hijaked to the entire world industry, it because them have said that them own political power under the, televition tegnology, the germans them said them want plus them can lie to the world public, if them can that to do, as an example the american’s expresident assasinations, in the 1963, it were drove, by the germans televition power, many saying some scenes them are clips, and german’s lies in about the crime, the germans them have said that them can clean plus to erase to the germans arround by making clips, also ther are other germans with big’est power in mexico driving and moving to the mexican public with televitons lies, the same mexican goverment them got scare at the germans lies, the mexican goverment them have said that them are noticed of the power the televiton them can’t have in lien to the mexican public, some how none body them wan to the germans in driving with the televition industry, but the germans them had that stoled and hijaked by a war moved, after the assasination of the american expresident and the death of mr howard hughes in the 1962, the germans them run to stole the world news power, many bealiving that the germans them have killed to the two powerfull american people, first to mr hughes in the 1962, and to the americna expresident in the 1963, it is the because many are ever watching to the same germans faces in the televition, and also the germans them have stolde the big screen, the germans them have hijaked the mr, howard hughes, bussines places arround the world ther are been powerfull lawyer peoples, moves to declare an open war at the germans in about that, the germans them want that to reject, for them to win an easy nasty war, but the american united states govermnet, them have said them want to say at the germans in the united states, with the world help, even more the united states govermnet, them have developed the digital screen, to can stay away at the germans, many world publci must to notices of how human power see you, and good bless, thank you.-

hi, how are you today, this it is a comment, for the united nations public, and for them to know, in about a video, it is apearing in any video log, saying death of the american president, with a date arround october the 2006, for any normal person, that can to be a true video, it because the very much nasty, acting, for true them were spend millions of moneys, from the public resources, or them were stoled money to spend that nasty joke, to a god sister, the american public's resourses can't to be spend in heavy jokes, this it is a very much hi'est qualified terrorist video, many person them saying, those person in the american govermnet them where, living in crazy's asylum, for those cain of person any ting can to be able, with out rules, crazy well, with a very much heavy crazy smelling, when you go close to them, ther it is, that heavy crazy smelling, it like medicals, don't be surpise to noticed them were scaped for an asylum, who knows, in the future how that can to be the true, the any cain of electronic publicity used to be under restricted, for the politician's people, it to avoid any, terrorist act, at the public, as that present video, it like the radio the televition the computer, in where any body can to place a joke, or to say a joke or to show off a joke, some how the news paper, it is going to be, " the main " public resource to can know about the true, it because the news paper is going to be drive by the world wide public, with out the politician droves, some how many still saying that the news paper, them can't to be drive by the politician peoples lies, the news paper it is drive by the public power, to can know them self, with out any other powerfull persons, about the true, ther are figth from the public, to run away to any body with power, from arround the news paper, them call away to politician to generals , in where them only can to be questioned, some how the powerfull people, them can't to spend at the news paper power, because them can to be attak by the news paper powerfull people, the news paper them can to destroy with the true saying to a powerfull politician person, but for true the news paper, them must to be saying the true as also upon them can to star a figth, any body figthing and going death to say the full true, don't matter another, them can't make and place them hot bakery , many them hope to stay bealving in the news paper cain as power, have a nice time thank you.-

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