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Mac Owens and David Tucker have written solid and thoughtful pieces on both some tactical and some strategic issues having to do with the war. Owens considers the possibility of Saddam using chemical and biological weapons. Tucker’s serious and cautionary article makes a special point regarding the meaning of the Bush doctrine of preemption and notes that it will change the way inrenational relations will be conducted in the future. It is a radical change with many consequences, not all of them--in the end--to our liking.

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The way I see it, preemption is the only choice America has. Old Europe, our enemies, and our neighbors have joined in a doctrine which permits all nations to use force to protect their interests except for the US. The US has forfeited its sovereignty because it is too large and powerful yet too stupid to realize the consequences of acquiescing to this doctrine.

The doctrine holds that America is too big, too rich, and too powerful for the safety of the rest of the world and must be reduced in size, reduced in power and broken economically. Hence our borders must be opened to everyone, our corporations must be subject to review by foreign officials, our military must be locked up by one way treaties, land locked into bases they can’t use without permission. (France tried to gain control of our Mediterranean naval assets as the price for its re joining NATO) The UN is consistent only in one purpose, that of reducing America’s sovereignty.

It is hoped that through gradualism, a treaty here, a world court there, a little terror at home or abroad the American giant will be brought down and an international zone can be established in its place. Mexico can have the south-west back, while the rest will be administered by the UN and NGO’s, all for our own good, of course.

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