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Shouldn’t someone drop a JDAM on Iraqi TV (and perhaps al Jeezera while we’re at it)?

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YES! All Radio and TV stations of this type are ten times more effective than the Republican Guard alone. Physc-Ops are ennemy combatants, al-Jeezera qualifies...

If Franks can take Baghdad quickly (in a military sense, not in the way expected by journalists, who are already growing impatient), then it probably makes sense to leave it on the air. One less thing for us to fix afterwards, and it will be very effective to show Iraqis they have nothing to fear from the tyrant the minute we have his fast deteriorating body.

Oh wait, parading his body on television would be against the Geneva Conventions. Although perhaps a "spontaneous" Ceaucescu style parade could be arranged?

It will make for great ratings on Iraqi TV, I’m sure!

Careful, I think one of these guys is going to try to blow us up with his shoe!

Just to clarify, my comment was directed toward two other screeds which have apparently been expunged from the site (and rightfully so). The "shoe bomber" reference, of course, has nothing whatsoever to do with the comments by John Lewis and Kevin Whited.

Since I don’t see any way of removing one of my own comments once I’ve posted it, I have to be content with this disclaimer.

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