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I got home about 11 p.m. last night from the Barbara Bush dinner, turned the TV and on and very soon discovered (from FOX first, the others followed) that we were in the city. Still not claiming to understand the tactics (or the strategy, for that matter) of it all, I am impressed. Seventeen days into it and we are in Baghdad! While I know that this isn’t quite the end, and that many bad things can happen, etc., still it is a very impressive accomplishment. And note not only with the minimal loss of American lives, but with the minimal destruction of the country. Very impressive. Robert Patton (the General’s grandson) praises General Frank’s mobility and flexibility while reminding us of General Patton’s awkward time at the siege of Metz. In the meantime Ralph Peters beats up on Rumsfeld (overdone, I think) and here is the latest AP report on our incursion into the heart of baghdad. And here is a pretty useful map Baghdad. And, I almost forgot, as if to prove that justice has a sense of humor, Peter Arnett is now reporting for the pan-Arab satellite channel Al-Arabiya. Now that ought to settle any outstanding questions.

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Dr. Schramm, I’m not sure I understand what "outstanding questions" have been answered by Arnett’s being hired by an Arab tv station. Are you implying that this qualifies him as anti-American?

Did you know that in addition to the Arab tv station, Arnett is working for three other news outlets, one in London, one in Belgium and one in Greece?

Arnett? Anti-American? Well let us see.
The Guardian and I believe most Greek media is viruently anti-American.
So the old adage applies: if it looks like a duck;walks like a duck; and sounds like a duck; it must be a duck.
Peter Arnett? QUACK QUACK

Arnett is not working for the Guardian, my friend. And the notion that "most Greek media is virulently anti-American" is rather subjective, don’t you think?

I stand corrected. I did not properly check my source. According to Jay Nordlinger’s "Impromtus" at National Review Online (4/4/03) Arnett was hired by the London Daily Mirror and Greek State Television. Mr. Nordlinger describes them as "rabidly anti-American".

Well, if Mr. Nordlinger says so, it MUST be true! ;-)

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