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Kerry Wants Regime Change in the US

I don’t know why I keep being surprised by the things that go on in politics, but once again I am surprised. Here is Senator John Kerry, in search of the Democratic presidential nomination, in search of votes from the left that otherwise migh go to Howard Dean, saying this: ’’What we need now is not just a regime change in Saddam Hussein and Iraq, but we need a regime change in the United States.’’ He maintains that a until we have a new president, we will be all alone in the world, etc. Amazing.

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This shows where the Dem’s are... They are rudderless at this time. President Clinton was wise enough to stay silent on the issue in 1991. It is an interesting Catch-22, if you come out in support of the war, people ask why we need someone different in the White House. On the otherhand, you can pick up support by the antiwar crowd if you speak out against it.

I believe that he made a serious miscalculation here. As you will note, he has already started to back up on the remarks, saying that "Regime Change" is too harsh...

As you will note, he has already started to back up on the remarks, saying that "Regime Change" is too harsh.

You’re right about the Democrats unraveling, but Daschle pulled this very same backoff ploy, right after his "I’m saddened that the president failed so miserably at diplomacy that we are now forced to war," comment. Meeting reporters on the way of of the meeting where he uttered these, now famous, words, he plainly declared his support for Bush and the war. Later, of course, news of Daschle’s statement included the second declaration as well

All in a days work for Democrats trying to work both sides of their fence-sitting party. While it’s fun to watch, it also belies the quagmire (if I may turn their favorite word against them) they find themselves in. And in the end, I’m afraid, this may not bode well for the country. Why? Because some of these people, as Kerry’s comment points out, are nuts. They would just as soon see the country go down in flames right along with the Party of FDR.

Think 1968, and John Seely’s observation of a "Spector is haunting America."

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