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Newsweek Eating Crow

Even though a number of bloggers have pointed this out, I can’t help myself. Here is the Newsweek Conventional Wisdom column from this week’s issue(the one in which they give a thumbs up or thumbs down to a politician’s remark): Thumbs down for Cheney because, he "Tells ’Meet the Press’ just before war, ’We will be greeted as liberators.’ An arrogant blunder for the ages."

An arrogant blunder for the ages, says Newsweek? Well, you at Newsweek are arrogant SOB’s, and do tell us how you like your crow, fried or roasted?

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It is fun to surf the web and see just how
wrong the war-mongers got it.

So now who is eating crow? Those against
the war or those for it.

Just to remind you, 60 percent of *Iraqis*
think the war was not worth it. Over 90
percent view America as an occupying power
as opposed to a liberating one.

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