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This piece from the Washington Monthly isn’t exactly deep metaphysics, but it will hold your interest and/or remind you of some amusing moments. Remember Michael Dukakis’ favorite book?

"His phlegmatic 1988 campaign was perfectly symbolized by his choice of vacation reading: a book entitled Swedish Land-Use Planning. Even if you knew nothing else about the Massachusetts governor, this tidbit suggested he was solution-oriented, practical to a fault, and probably not the sort of guy who’d be a lot of fun to have a beer with. Which is, of course, exactly the person the Democrats got."

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I remember a few months ago, maybe a year, when the media were ripping him apart for one reason or another, there was some news footage of President Bush walking toward Marine One with a stack of books under his arm. The most prominent title: "Bias" by Bernard Goldberg.

Bernard Goldberg’s book "Arrogance" which followed his book "Bias" is a good read and it is difficult to say anything really negative about it but it still misses the boat in many ways. Mr Goldberg seems to take pride in an interview with Tim Russert about both of their humble background. However, they leave out the most essential issue of our times- the need for the real jobs that existed when they were growing up but are no longer there. Only 50% of all possible voters vote now. This means our Presidents are elected with only about 25% of all possible votes. This should be the starting point of all discussions and all should wonder how many of those who do not vote feel disenfranchised with no one to really vote for. A liberal or
conservative bias is minute compared to
the plight of American Workers who have
been betrayed by the establishment.

One can get into all the liberal bias versus the conservative points of view but when it comes to human dignity in the workday, we should especially note that President Clinton, a liberal Democrat and a Democrat controlled Congress passed both NAFTA and GATT trade agreements without the consent of the workers involved. In the process, the liberals joined with Senator Dole, Congressman Gingrich and the likes of conservatives like Rush Limbaugh who was instrumental in getting the "Contract with America" Republicans wining Congress. It was an enormous victory. The vote for GATT was held after this victory in a lameduck session of Congress. One would think, the victors would have held off the vote until they took office in January.

Then President Bush followed with Fast Track when he took over and cemented Free Trade and Globalism in place. The Executive office became the "CEO" of world trade making a laughing stock out of free enterprise.
If Bernard Goldberg and Tim Russert are so proud of their blue collar backgrounds, why would they leave out the biggest story of our times. The USA has gone through the most massive dislocation of workers in all its history including perhaps even the Great Depression. Wars and terrorism now hide this terrible happening while the Pundits play around with words about what’s "right" and what’s "left".
After over ten years of failures, the issues of Globalism and Free Trade are still off the screen. Human dignity in the workday is in a scrap heap.
The real need of our times is real jobs and not wars. The bickering from the left to the right and vice versus is all beside the point now.
For real news and issues from the streets of USA, see Tapart Real News and Art that Talks at or shorter url at For a background top newspaper story titled Power to the People art featuring the American Dream is Burning art, Locked out Workers, Bearing their Cross and the Clinton Years- The American Dream Reversed , see At Tapart News and Art that Talks,
View the Cross 9-11 Tangle of Terror artwork by Ray Tapajna asking who will now untangle the terror, Globalism and Free Trade have bred plus his commentary titled The Silent Depression.
Read also America in Terror by Chuck Harder, worldwide radio host of For the People. This gives a very perceptive background of what went wrong with America. Also note, the House of Cards Economy by Paul Donovan from the National Steelworkers Magazine- this comes from the factory floors of the USA- in real time fashion - not yesterday’s memories of what once was.

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