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No Left Turns

April’s Mug Drawing Winners

Congratulations to this month’s winners of a No Left Turns mug! The winners are as follows:

Tara Abramson

Craig E. Adams

Ben Boychuk

Tom Corrigan

Jonathan MacColl

Thanks to all who entered. An email has been sent to the winners. If you are listed as a winner and did not receive an email, contact Ben Kunkel. If you didn’t win this month, enter May’s drawing.

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There hanging chad’s, I demand a recount!

There were hanging chad’s, I demand a recount!

No recounts! The ballots have been destroyed, on my order. (And there is nothing you can do about it!)

I go beyond the demand for a recount, and demand a revote, on the grounds that the fact that the ballots were destroyed is highly suspicious. (The fact that there is nothing we can do about it reinforces our proclivity to spin conspiracy theories to the effect that all politics boils down to simple power/money schemes.)

Currently I am working to see how the IPO Maxwell House shares that Schramm received in 1973, has influenced his use of coffee symbols, that his political blog has simply been a cover for. There are also serious alegations of connections to Coffee manufacturers in Columbia, the link between his support of the war on drugs(why else defend Bennett?) and subsidies given to coffee producers is evident. (more coffee supply equals lower coffee costs for Maxwell House and thus greater profits for Schramm) Handing out No Left turn mugs is simply a way to increase demand for Maxwell House coffee, especially given the fact that the mugs only go to those who select Maxwell House as the coffee of preference. (Never mind the fact that only five mugs are given out each month... and that Schramm may or may not own Maxwell House stock... the ambiguity and lack of transparency in all of this should act to reinforce the conspiracy.)

That Conspiracy Theorist thinks it’s Maxwell House is significant, very significant. I’m on to you.

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