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One little tidbit stands out deep in the Washington Post story today about the Democrats debate in South Carolina last night. It seems Bush has a commanding lead in polls over every Democrat in the current field, but a much smaller lead over a generic Democrat. The large polling gap between a generic Democrat an the real candidates is a measure of how weak the Democratic field is right now.

Look for Hillary to take a serious look at jumping in the race late in the year if the economy and Bush look weak.

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There is a lot of stuff all over the net (I know I have been surfing instead of studying) about Hillary Clinton and her running for office. An interesting site is basically a site where people bet reputation online on predicting future events. Hillary Clinton is trading at around 5% to win the presidency in 2004. The interesting thing is the volume which had been very high (indicating a lot of supporters/speculators and naysayers both ways)She has about 10 times the volume of any other democratic candidate. Bush is trading at 62% and I am betting on him looking to pick up a 38% profit. It isn’t exactly scientific, there is a lot of emotion and pride involved, but the interesting thing is that if you want to boost your reputation it behooves you to be prudent in how you place your bet. Plus you can tell which players are buying what stock and from the reputation and buying habits they have you can try to determine if they have any inside information. I find the site more usefull than polls althought most players are more west coast (democrat bias). Even if it is not perfect, the concept behind the site is very interesting and could be adapted by blogs, as these become more popular and try to actually gain revenue. (I am not sure if the idea has copyright) -John Lewis

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