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Bush’s Speech on the USS Lincoln

President Bush has gotten rave reviews for his speech yesterday on the USS Abraham Lincoln. Here’s a link from NRO to the speech.

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Decent speech with a lot of bold/strong statements.

"Our commitment to liberty is America’s tradition — declared at our founding; affirmed in Franklin Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms; asserted in the Truman Doctrine and in Ronald Reagan’s challenge to an evil empire."

Are all these views of freedom compatible, or is the point rather that americans have historically defended and put forth arguments from the perspective that Liberty is the proper aim of the state despite the slightly different meanings freedom takes on over time? (They aren’t compatible if you wish to be precise.)

"American values and American interests lead in the same direction: We stand for human liberty."

The compatibility of interests and values is repeated a lot in Bush speeches. How much should you make of this?

Previous to saying this he states that "The advance of freedom is the surest strategy to undermine the appeal of terror in the world."

1) What exactly does he mean by freedom? 2) Does "freedom" have to mean something specific or can it vary from situation to situation? 3) Does Freedom entail prosperity? (Bush says that when people are free they go about peacefull occupations) 4) In what sense are american interests fundamentally inclined and intertwined with providing the "Four Freedoms" to other nations? 5) In what sense would they be fundamentally disposed to providing the freedom of the founders?

"What exactly does he mean by freedom?"

Out of the blue, you encounter "that woman." No, not that one, but the one who suddenly sends you pulse racing and your heart pounding. :)

Finally you summon the courage to ask her out. She accepts. You plan your date, down to the most impressive detail. You’ll pick up at 7:00, dinner at 8, a stroll thru the park...

Then the big evening comes... the evening sparkles with that specialness reserved for only for those who can appreciate the meaning of "love." Everything goes perfect as the evening wears on... relaxed and fun, the charm and enchantment seem almost unreal. Then it happened... the words came rolling off the tip of your tongue like a big heavy freight train, "One of my friends tells me your a real b--ch." A seven thousand mile stare of disbelief comes across her face. The silence is deafening as she suddenly finds herself shacked into utter reality. The only thing she can think to ask is, Why would you say such a thing like that, now?

Your reply is quick and pointed, I’m just exercising my First Amendment right of free speech!

Date over, match, set and point irrelevant. You’ve won the battle and lost the war, baby! That’s what I think of "freedom." In Iraq, the "date" would’ve never even happened. In America, the date are free, and the opportunity to make an ass out of ones self is, of course, yours to choose to do.

And of course, lose within your "rights" to do so. :)

Touche! I get the drift, but if one of my friends told me she was a b--ch I wouldn’t date her. Because after all, every "that woman" is a woman that at one point set your pulse racing and your heart pounding. If one loves ones friends one loves oneself.

But Damn that is a good answer! If you wrote that yourself you are wise.

Back in my younger, more flirtatious, daze, one of the popular observations made among us gents when gazing at the babes was, "Yeah, well, she’s cute enough to be a b--ch!"

Thanks for the compliment. The whole thing came to me one evening with my wife. :)

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