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The San Francisco Examiner ran this story a few days ago about how vexed the Democrats are by Bush’s unflagging popularity. As you read along, you encounter increasing gloom and doom from the Demos, none of the candidates have caught fire, etc., until you get this from "Democratic stategist" Gary South: "It’s almost like we have an embarrassment of riches. . . . We have a very high-quality field, and all of the candidates have raised considerable money. One of the reasons people are sitting on their haunches, and others are giving (donations) to five or six candidates, is because they’re waiting to see who reaches critical mass with regard to breaking out from the rest of the pack." Now there is a real Democrat optimist, talking about a very high quality field when a recent Pew Poll shwed that only about 25% of the voters are even "fairly interested" in the Demo primary candidates. They have their work cut out for them.

Here is a report from the Raleigh News & Observer pointing out some of the problems Lieberman is having i.e., lack of support and lack of money. And just to make an even broader point, the article is entitled, "Liberman Dismisses Charisma Concerns." And Wesley Clark, while denying that he is in New Hampshire to test the waters, jumps into a YMCA pool for a swim, with reporters watching. And over 50 angry Texas Democrats were found--finally--in Oklahoma. They are thinking of applying for political assylum.

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This response is slightly dated, but I had the opportunity to hear economist/futurist Don Reynolds speak yesterday at an event for my industry.

For a number of years, Mr. Reynolds managed the Texas pension and investment committees. He was appointed by President (then Governor) Bush and mentioned that he is a personal friend of the President.

Mr. Reynolds’ take on 2004 is that - much like 1992 - it will boil down to one issue: the economy. According to Mr. Reynolds, if unemployment had dropped under 5%, and the NYSE is over 7500, Bush will get another four years. Otherwise, says Mr. Reynolds, we’ll most likely be referring to the commander in chief as President Edwards.

Food for thought...

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