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Memory Loss

Many of you know I claim to have a bad memory (especially for names). This study out of England may help explain my memory loss. It may have to do with smoking. I’m trying to remember--as I light up--whether or not alcohol, specifically that bourbon I like, ah, helps rekindle memory; there must have been a study on that. I can’t remember. But now I’m trying to remember the name of the bourbon I like, you know, the one that is called, ah, the name has something to do with Lincoln; was it Sinking Spring Farm where Lincoln was born, no, that’s not it....darn it, I can’t remember the name, maybe it’s, yup, here it is, Knob Creek, about ten miles to the northeast, the place that Lincoln’s father bought when Abe was two years old because Sinking Spring Farm’s soil proved to be a barren waste. Knob Creek was a smaller farm, but it proved more fertile. Yup, that’s the one, Knob Creek, that’s the bourbon I like. Maybe there is hope for my memory loss. Now if I could only remember what Abe’s father was called...Thomas. All this with a smoke, and no Knob Creek. I amaze myself. I love these studies.

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Lincoln himself had less memory of his childhood, or at least found it to be insignificant.

I have seen studies claiming that nicotine increases concentration and memory. In addititon to this many chess players swear by it.

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